Click to enlargeBed Lounge Back Cushion Lounger

The Original Bed Lounge Back Cushion Lounger is personally adjustable. It lets you sit upright in bed superbly supporting each area of your upper body: arms, low back, shoulders, upper back, neck and head. The Bed Lounge's Posture Pillow arches your back slightly inward, like when you are standing. It helps restore the discs of your back to proper alignment so that back strain is minimized.

Your head weighs about 12 pounds. That's equal to a bowling ball! When you are sitting without your head and neck supported those 12 pounds of weight drag and strain on your neck, shoulders and back. The BedLounge's Headrest is designed to be supportive without excessive pressure to the back of your neck and head. Its patented rotational adjustment adapts to whatever task you are doing - reading, computing, watching TV. The Bed Lounge Headrest pillow is there for you, gently cradling your neck and head just where it will do the most good.

Over-reaching and twisting, or bending in bed can bring on - and aggravate - neck and back problems. It is nearly impossible to get consistent back, neck, arm and shoulder support with pillows. With any arrangement of pillows, the minute you move you start to lose your support system. The BedLounge lets you consistently maintain proper support.

Comes in Natural, Navy Blue, Dark Green, Black and Burgundy.