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New EMS-9 Get-a-Way Massage Chair by Interactive Health

This is the ultimate get-a-way machine. The EMS-9 combines state of the art, quad roller massage technology with a style and elegance that enhances any room. Relieving stress and easing aches and pains has never felt, or looked, this good before. New EMS-9 massage chairs include a Three Year limited manufacturer's warranty.

The perfect time out - relax and reinvigorate with the chair's soothing massage action.
So comfortable and so versatile - use the chair for reading, watching TV, or just listening to music.
Easy to use remote control pad includes a convenient magnet holder on the side of the chair.

Exclusive Features
 Scientifically designed quad rollers massage the full length of your back. They feel like the trained hands of a massage professional.

Kneading - tension is released as the rollers lift and stretch your muscles.

Tapping - Percussive action provides a deep penetrating massage.

Rolling - Quad (4) roller massage system creates more surface contact for extended back coverage.

Pointing - Focus massage on a specific area while kneading, tapping or rolling. A more controlled shorter rolling motion to target your specific muscles.

 Includes three preprogrammed automatic massage courses for hands-free enjoyment of all four massage functions.
 Width adjustment - select the width position of the rollers for targeting specific muscle groups (three settings).
 Speed Adjustment - adjust the speed of the kneading and tapping massage.
 Glove-soft upholstery is more durable than leather and is more resistant to stains.
 Two speed oscillation in the footrest included.

Includes a manufacturer's extended 3 year limited warranty. A $150 value!

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These chairs are too large for UPS and have to be shipped freight ground for $130-150. Delivery to most addresses from LA to San Diego is only $75.