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Exercise, weight loss and wellness—with a twist of fun. Everyone wants six-pack abs and a tight mid section. But finding the time and putting in the effort to make it happen is another story. Welcome to the Human Touch® iJoy Twist®. Getting that rock-hard body and improving your overall wellness just got a lot easier and more fun.

The iJoy Twist® easily fits in your everyday routine and is even easier to use. With just three, five-to-seven minute sessions daily, you’ll enjoy more benefits than hours of crunches. And all you have to do is grab a seat and enjoy the ride!

iJoy Twist® is the new balance trainer from Human Touch® that takes the body’s core muscles exercise to the next level. The patented triple-axis twisting motion allows you to target abs, buttocks and thighs all at once while making your work-out routine anything but boring. Just a few five-minute sessions a day will help you improve your strength, balance, flexibility, coordination and posture. The 4 speed easy to use control and comfortable form-fitting seat make exercising a breeze. Give your old training regimen a twist with the new iJoy Twist from Human Touch.

iJoy Twist Exercise Balance Trainer ijoy Twist$599.00