New Black RMS-14 Get-A-Way Deluxe Massage Chair from Human Touch

The New Deluxe Get-A-Way® Massage Chair is the most luxurious and beautiful piece of furniture ever to incorporate the unsurpassed delight of a built-in robotic massager — for your back as well as for your calves and feet. Every inch of this all-new chair speaks to its extraordinary level of style, comfort and quality.

Back Massage
Use the wired remote to tailor your Get-A-Way escape — four robotic massagers (quad rollers) realistically mimic the Shiatsu-style deep-tissue massage. This top-of-the-line massage controller allows you to customize the position of the massagers — Tall, Medium or Small for your height; narrow, medium or wide for your body type — so the massage feels tailored just for you; choose from three speeds, too, for whatever massage you elect. The massage replicates the principle techniques used by professionals to ease back tension and pain — relaxing Kneading, stimulating Tapping and smooth Rolling. Because there are two independent motors, you have the unique ability to combine Kneading with Tapping. You may also select a full preprogrammed course that incorporates all massage techniques into one 11- 15-minute session; enjoy full-length back therapy or choose to focus on the shoulder or lower lumbar areas. It's the perfect chair for easing tense muscles and relieving stiffness and pain. This new massage chair from the world's leading robotic massage company features superior, powerful new motors that are so precisely engineered that they work with an unsurpassed level of quiet that aims to leave your relaxation completely undisturbed.

Foot and Calf Massage
Your new chair comes with a matching cushioned ottoman — attractively flat on one side but, when you pull the lever, rotates to reveal two massaging wells. For the first time, a luxurious Get-A-Way Massage Chair can give you the kind of foot rub you always want after a long day of standing and walking. Stretch out and you can also enjoy a wonderful calf massage — with ergonomic massaging plates that continuously and gently squeeze and release until aches and pains simply melt away. Choose either gentle or vigorous, or a program that alternates the speed of massaging.

Fine Furniture
This high-quality chair features a power-recline back that moves automatically at the push of a button to any position — from a nearly upright 120° angle all the way down to 170° — just 10° from totally flat...making this the ultimate "nap" chair ever designed! The amply-sized chair and attractive ottoman are upholstered in soft black leather and leather match, with great attention to detail, including double-stitched seams. There is soft but dense and supportive cushioning all around the wide seating area, the large, padded armrests and the adjustable headrest. The chair even features a convenient built-in outlet for plugging in a laptop or lamp. The chair measures 35" wide x 36" deep x 47" high in its upright position and weighs 195 lbs.; the ottoman is 31" wide x 22" deep x 18" high and weighs 94 lbs. The ottoman connects to the chair and, in turn, the chair plugs into a three-prong grounded outlet.

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