Click to enlargeMemory Foam King 8" Mattress

King (78x80x8") or CA King (72x84x8") 8" Memory mattresess have 3" of 100% memory visco-elastic foam on a 5" firm polurethane base, all within in a zippered terry cloth allergy free cover. Frame and boxspring is not included.

Our Mattresses provide equal distribution, superior pressure point relief and proper spinal alignment for optimum sleeping comfort. The visco-elastic foam is hypoallergenic, antibacterial, antifungal and ozone resistant. It reacts to the temperature and pressure of the body to form to the head, neck and body, giving proper support while maintaining softness. Price includes a zippered terry cloth cover. Custom sizes and thicknesses are available for your RV, boat and more.

Memory Lite, Memory and Memory Firm mattress foam is an open-celled, visco-elastic, temperature and pressure sensitive material that senses body weight and temperature to automatically adjust and completely support the user. This revolutionary material relieves the pressure that causes poor sleep, tossing and turning, and aches and pains. It is, without a doubt, a space-age material.

Estimated Mattress Shipping Prices
UPS GROUND (3 pieces - 3" pad and two 5" bases separately) $85 - $99
FREIGHT GROUND (1 piece bonded and covered together) $125 - $195
Please specify in the special instructions which shipping method you prefer.