RMS-15 Get-A-Way Elite Massage Chair from Human Touch

The RMS-15 features the AMC˛ Adaptive Massage Comfort Control. This feature gives you the ability to adjust the distance between you and the massage rollers by inflating or deflating air cylinders embedded in the backrest. Pump the cylinders up for a soft massage or deflate the cylinders completely for the most aggressive massage. The fully contained air supply system is one of the quietest in the industry.

The RMS-15 incorporates the latest massage functionality available in our line of chairs. The three-motor, four-roller robot has five massage modes: Kneading, Compression, Percussion, and Kneading + Percussion, each of which have “Auto”, “Fast” and “Slow” settings, and a Rolling mode which can be set to “Full” back or “Partial” back. Quad roller massage robot.

The RMS-15 remote features a digital two-digit countdown timer that shows how much time remains on the 15-minute massage. The timer starts at 15 and runs down in 1 minute increments. Though more slender and ergonomic than other remotes, the RMS-15 remote offers greater functionality and control. The front buttons allow you to modify most of the chair’s user-customized modes, while the left side buttons can be used to activate pre-programmed massage sessions.

Even though the RMS-15 comes with a separate ottoman, its built-in calf and foot massager is controlled using the chair’s remote control, eliminating the need for two remotes.

The RMS-15 is upholstered in the finest leather available, soft to the touch but incredibly durable.

One year factory warranty on New Chairs.

90 Day Parts Only Limited Warranty on Refurbished Chairs.

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