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Refurbished RMS-11 Get-a-Way Leather Massage Chair by Interactive Health

Quad-Roller Massage Rollers with seesaw action: two independent motors drive various massage actions. The quad-rollers offer a soothing and effective massage from neck to the lower lumbar of the back. Quad-Rollers with a seesaw action offer more flexibility than conventional designs with an angle of 50 degrees to follow the curves of the shoulder and back. With this flexibility, the massage rollers are able to follow the contours of the body and offer a more effective massage intense but gentle massage.

Shoulder Position: The top position of the massage rollers can be adjusted in 2" steps to customize the neck & shoulder massage to fit 3 heights.

Width adjustment: You can adjust the width between the rollers for tapping and stretching massage.

Whole back massage from the massage rollers, which can be adjusted to reach right down to cover your body from the neck to the lower back.

Two Independent Motors for separate functions allow for combinations of functions. The massage rollers work in 4 basic functions: combination (kneading/ tapping), double kneading, tapping, and rolling.

3 Programs allow for upper back, whole back and lower back massage. Each program has 20 different phases to soothe away a variety of aches and pains. 7 combinations of massage functions (kneading, rolling, tapping, kneading & rolling, kneading & tapping, rolling & tapping, and kneading & rolling & tapping).

Simple Controller that has a lighted feature to assist you through operation. A red light shows when the chair is operating and a green light for operating functions.

Calf Massage through a vibrating footrest to massage the calves and legs.

Reclining Angle goes from 120 to 170 degrees to enhance your comfort during the massage.

Easy-roll casters for moving the chair.

Child lock safety switch on the main power switch prevents accidental usage.

Shut off Timer will automatically stop the massage after 15 minutes.

90 Day Parts Only Limited Warranty included!

Feel the tension dissolve with the gentle rolling massage. Rolling delivers the same benefits as effleurage, the first part of a massage performed by a professional therapist. It warms up and loosens the muscles to prepare your back for a deeper therapeutic massage. Rolling
Ease soreness and work out the "knots" with a deep kneading massage. Slightly more intense than rolling, the circular motion of the kneading function lifts and stretches back muscles, improving circulation and bringing vital nutrients to the spinal area. Kneading
Feel invigorated by the sensation of hands rapidly tapping on your back muscles. The tapping massage deepens the level of relaxation and helps replenish energy. Tapping

These chairs are too large for UPS and have to be shipped freight ground for $130-150. Delivery to most addresses from LA to San Diego is only $75.