Full Size Memory Pillow

A true HIGH DENISTY bright yellow 5.25lb Viscoelastic VITALFOAM Memory Pillow. Revolutionary technology shapes to the head and neck. It reacts to the temperature of the body to form to the head and neck, giving proper support while maintaining softness. Helps with Headaches, Neck Pain and insomnia. Hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial/fungal. A true dense memory foam that is comparable to the Swedish Type Mall brand products. Full (Large) 24x13x4" Compare at $125.

NEW - We now offer three different densities for your personal preference. Vitalfoam 5.25lb - $74.95 - A true dense viscoelastic memory foam (marshmallow like feel) that is comparable to the mall brands. Vitalfoam 5lb - $49.95 - a softer less dense viscoelastic memory foam with less of a marshmallow feel. Vitalfoam 4lb - $44.95 - softest density viscoelastic memory foam. These Full (Large) Pillows are approximately 24x13x4"