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TENS / EMS Replacement Electrodes, Lead Wires and Conductive gel

TENS and EMS ELECTRODES - Replacement electrodes for TENS/EMS units. These are premium cloth backed reusable electrode pads and should not be mistaken for generic or disposable electrodes. Compare at up to $15 $5.00

Your Choice for $5.00:

1.5x1.5" pack of 4 electrodes

1.8x1.8" pack of 4 electrodes

2" Round pack of 4 electrodes

36" 2.5mm Mono Plug lead wires (2 leads for $10)

USPS MAIL Shipping (5-10 business days) is only $3.50 for up to 5 packs of electrodes. Select "USPS Mail Small Items".

Standard TENS / EMS Self-Adhesive Electrode Pads (white or brown cloth backed pads)

VITALTRODE DELUXE Premium Stainless steel imbedded TENS / EMS Self-Adhesive Electrode Pads - Our very best long lasting electrode pads. These DELUXE PREMIUM self-adhesive and reusable replacement electrode pads combine a unique knitted stainless steel fabric and gel construction which ensures an even distribution of current across the electrode surface while reducing current at the edges of the pads like most standard pads. The VITALTRODE Pads are designed to withstand the rigors of long term usage. Woven stainless steel is used to create a more durable fabric for added comfort and longer electrode life compared to most other brands of electrode pads. A layer of specially formulated conductive gel maintains a smooth skin contact and will last for many usages. Round corners minimizes edge curl during use. Designed to work with most EMS/TENS/FES units.

LEAD #1...............LEAD#2.................LEAD#3

TENS/EMS Lead Wires (2) Choose Lead #1, #2 or #3 - $10.00
The Plugs above plug directly into the TENS or EMS unit. The other end of lead wire has two 0.08" male pin style connectors to plug into the electrodes.

TENS / EMS Electrode replacement pads and lead wires TN03Regular price: $5.00Sale price: $5.00, 10/$39.95, 100/$359.95Size: