Click to enlargeVITAL TENS Pain Control Unit

A dual channel, four pad TENS unit. Comes in the standard model, with a single continous mode, an the deluxe model, with an automatic timer (30 min, 60 min, and continuous) and three modes (Burst, Modulation, Continuous).

Comes with all needed accesories:
  • Multi-day self-adhesive electrodes - 3 packs of 4 electrodes (12 total)
  • One 9-volt battery
  • Lead wires
  • A chart and written directions on where and how to use the unit and where to place the electrode pads
  • A hard plastic carrying case
Features an adjustable pulse rate and pulse width.
Pulse rate control 2 - 120 Hz
Pulse width control 40 - 160 uS
Size: 23 x 64 x 91 mm
Weight: 130 grams
Battery Life ~ 100 hrs at normal setting
Voltage: 1-110 Volt

1 year limited warranty.

Doctor's Prescription REQUIRED for this item. Please fax to (888) 280-0299